Why the 1911 is a Great Companion in a Biometric Safe

The 1911 is one of the best handguns of all time and there is absolutely no denying that fact.  But many people seem to prefer higher capacity firearms these days, especially for those that seem to want to carry them a little more securely in a biometric safe.

What most people don’t realize is that the 1911 can fit in a lot of places that higher capacity firearms cannot!  The single stack design makes it pretty easy to carry as a concealed carry weapon, and even though it’s heavy, you just need the right holster in order to keep it secure so you don’t even notice the weight of the firearm.

It’s a crazy thought to think about people getting scared off by a bigger caliber simply because of the weight of a gun.  If that’s the case, then you can rule out just about any gun with a metal frame.  There’s no way I’d be stuck with a Polymer gun as the only gun in my arsenal let alone something that might be considered low quality.  I’m sticking to my 1911 and that’s all there is to it.

Biometric safes are a good way to keep any handguns secure, and those that argue that a 1911 takes up too much space simply haven’t given this magnificent piece of firearms equipment the right look or test before jumping to that conclusion.

Anyhow, that’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it.

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Popular Aftermarket 1911 Pistol Grips: Some Of Our Favorite Brands

When it comes to modifying pistols perhaps one of the most popular moderate guns available on the market today is the 1911 pistol. This pistol is quite often used by law enforcement is heavily regarded as one of the most reliable and easy to handle handguns of all time. Of course with the popularity of this gun many people create aftermarket parts to try and augment its amazing stock abilities. With so many popular mods available on the market it’s tough to determine what will actually help you improve the function of your gun. Here’s a rundown of the top popular 1911 pistol grips that you can add to your weapon to improve the handling.

VZ Grips: these groups are best known for the tough material that they are made out of and for a variety of texture options. Perhaps some of the best texturing from this line comes from the Operator II series of pistol grips. If you are looking for a grip that simply won’t allow your hands to slip this is most definitely the one to look into. In a variety of different surfaces and textures you can get textures in a circular pattern to a more traditional woodgrain finish. VZ is also known for the elite tactical carry grips which are designed for concealed carry.

Aluma grips: These grips are known for their affordable pricing very lightweight construction. This means that you get an excellent grip that doesn’t add a massive amount of weight to the pistol. If you like smooth surface grips that don’t compromise handling or bulk Aluma Grips can provide you with precision CNC machined grip panels perfect for your 1911. They also feature a tactical style grip the same type that many law enforcement officials use. These tactical grips have a rough front surface with a smooth backing surface which gives you a nice medium between an easy grip on the holster as well as comfort for shooting.

Rio Grande custom grips: these US manufactured matte finish smooth style grips allow you to customize your weapon for a more aesthetic finish. Most of these weapon grips are made out of an advanced polymer and they give a smooth but also very gritty surface for controlling, bolstering and drawing a weapon. These groups are more about customizing your weapon is statically and the designs that they have are constantly expanding and a library of amazing stock images. This is the place to go if you want to get a specialty wood grain, a bald eagle or a flame finish.

Hogue: Hogue is known for offering its dozens of grip variations for 1911 pistols. You can get rich polymer inserts that preserve the grip shape as well as synthetic rubber grips which offer an amazing level of control. In the cobblestone textured rubber that gets bonded to a polymer shape, you really can have maximum control even in poor weather with these grips.

Kirinite Grips: These grips are best known for their art jewel finish which is created using a specialty resin material. Each of these 1911 grips his cut, sanded and polished by hand to create handcrafted beautiful aesthetic pieces that complement your style and give you a comfortable firing position.

Why a 1911 is the Absolute Best Handgun Of All Time:

The colt government model 1911 has been used for more than 10 decades by many of the top law enforcement officials in the world. It is the most imitated and perhaps most manufactured semi automatic handgun in the world and as a result many people would consider it the best handgun of all time. When John Browning applied for the first patents for the model 1911 pistol, there’s a good chance that he could not have even considered in 1898 that the recoil operated autoloader mechanism would be the basis for handgun technology for the next  century and even into the next century.

Perhaps one of the greatest assets of this pistol is that it holds records for ongoing performance and reliability, versatility in the field and also longevity for range. No other pistol of its size can perform with the same versatile action as well as have the same amount of customization options available for it. This isn’t just a gun that’s recommended for beginners, this is a gun that’s loved by enthusiasts and copied by manufacturers all over the world because it works and its comfortable for shooters of all styles.

Military forces from all nations have at one time used or fired a 1911 pistol. And worldwide there are dozens of manufacturers producing clones  and modified versions of the original design, this even includes the authentic versions that colt still produces every single year.

Even though we have guns today made of space-age polymer components, containing double action autoloader mechanisms and more, gun enthusiasts and law enforcement officials are still a fan of this gun is their top seller.

Perhaps one of the greatest testament to its long staying power is that the model 1911 4 inch commander format variant produced by colt has been the number one concealed weapon by law enforcement and regular citizens for over 50 years. This is a gun that simply can’t be outmatched with its effectiveness, its accuracy, reliability and long lifespan.

The 1911 is a gun that is tough to wear out. It fires time and time again and even some of the nastiest weather conditions. It’s very easy to center targets even at long distances and even with just the stock pistol. For those that just want a simple handgun this model is just point and shoot reliability.

The pistol isn’t just limited to .45 ACP chambering either, it’s very easy to modify and chamber just about any auto pistol cartridge that’s been developed and this even includes very high-powered revolver rounds as well. This means that you can take advantage of ammunition of many different types while still enjoying reliable results.

When it comes down to it, the 1911 pistol still remains one of the most preferred handguns around the world and even as we are developing new weapons technology it remains a favorite because it’s just so easy to operate and so dependable.

Quick Ways To Customize Your 1911


Customize That Old 1911!

1911 customizations and alliteration’s have become a huge marketplace. With a massive assortment of aftermarket parts and design additions that can be added to your pistol on you need to do is buy the basic 1911 pistol and from there you can easily start to package accessories and upgrades with it. Perhaps the nicest part about any 1911 pistol is that you can customize it to your exact needs.

Whether this means putting on custom sites, grips or even just making your pistol into a weapon that can perform a variety of different functions the customization is nearly endless. Unfortunately when you add too many modifications  to the weapons and they become overdone you can run into issues like jams and failures. Ultimately you need to balance aesthetics and function.  Here’s a rundown of some of the best mods that you can add on 1911 pistol without sacrificing the quality of the weapon.

  1. VZ Slim Ambi Grips in metal finish: these grips offer some extra tactile functions to the pistol and make it much easier to grip even in poor weather. Pistol grips can get rather slippery especially when you are hitting the range over a long period or when it gets quite hot outside, these ambi grips help you have more control, better grip on the pistol and they look nice too. The best part about this edition is that it’s great for the aesthetics of the weapon and also very helpful for increasing the accuracy and usability of the pistol.
  2. Novak Sights: Novak sights can really increase accuracy on any 1911 pistol. These iron sights feature two points of illumination and precision built accuracy. While this sights on a 1911 pistol are fairly good at stock, these can really help you find some amazing street ready accuracy. If you plan on hitting the range or even using your pistol for hunting purposes these are a must have.
  3. Matte Rogaurd Slide, Commander style Hammer: a proper slide and hammer modification to your pistol can make the process of reloading and firing much easier. With this hammer system you’ll run into far less issues of misfire as well as make it easier to load and ready the pistol for firing.

With these mods on you will have a 1911 that’s ready for a wide range of processes. The 1911 is quite often a signature weapon used by law enforcement and with these mods you will be able to perform nearly anything that a sheriff’s department would ask. These mods add extricate the ability to a weapon without compromising its quality and this can give you a greater competitive edge over the standard 1911 build. When it comes to modifying one of these pistols it’s important to remember that the gun is quite good on its own. Don’t get lost in the endless amount of modifications that you could complete but rather stick to small improvements. You will find that this will make a huge impact when it comes to handling and firing one of these beautiful pistols.